There’s something to be said for having a really good actor play a villain. Tom Hiddleston is a really good actor. So good that you really don’t want Loki to get killed. Stopped, sure, but there’s no driving wish to see him really harmed. He’s hateful and terrifying at times and does some HORRIBLE things, but there are moments I felt for him just a bit. Moments it seemed like it crossed his mind for the briefest of seconds that he shouldn’t be doing what he was, that it was crazy, but then it would go away in a wave of jealous, irrational insanity. Loki has charisma and he’s funny in a subversive, sarcastic way. But then he’s also sadistic in a horrifying way. When he taunts Natasha it’s one of the most venomous, hateful spewings of rage in superhero history. He’s going to destroy her and everything she loves for the FUN of it. And it’s completely believable. It’s no histrionic “I’m going to rule the world” cliched cackling villain speech. It’s sadistic and sick and twisted on a level I can only compare to Heath Ledger’s Joker. In the pantheon of superhero villains, that version of the Joker has always been the gold standard. To me, Loki came right alongside in that rage filled, spitting on glass, slow burn to psychotic speech. And yet Hiddleston is still charming enough that even after that he can pull it back so that Loki is still charming and sometimes amusing.

Something to be said for well acted villains you can take seriously as a threat.

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    that was terrifying. He’s a fantastic actor playing possibly the most complex character I’ve ever seen.
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    don’t even mention that scene to me i was in tears of fear
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