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i got tagged again! thanks commonmisfit

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1. Favorite perfume.

oh man. i wish i could say something really classy. my two favorites are probably DKNY Be Delicious Night and Bath and Body Works Twilight Woods. twilight woods smells like liquid sex, seriously. but for everyday lately i wear this stuff called Etc from rue21 lol, its very appley. when i was younger i was obsessed with Gucci Rush but i could never afford it, and now i dont think they make it anymore. it smelled like concentrated sin.

2. Current favorite song.

lately ive been listening to ‘the walk’ by imogen heap about eight times a day because of mystrade feels.

3. Favorite drink. (both alcoholic and non)

alcoholic- southern hospitality. omg my favorite shot to do with my besties. southern comfort, peach schnapps and redbull. best shot ever. dangerously good, these could get me under the table. also various martinis from my martini bar—the caramel cranapple and the chocolate mint.

non- diet pepsi is my #1 DRUG OF CHOICE. diet coke is good too, despecially fountain. like, i feel like perkins has the best fountain pop in the world. also iced coffee in all forms, i would love to drink iced coffee 24 hours a day.

4. Which fandom did you start tumblr with?

criminal minds, which i never post anymore.

5. Which fandom do you belong to the most?


6. What’s the meaning behind your url?

hm it refers to my love of doomed/dead/undead characters. it harkens back to my anime days, my yami no matsuei obsession. i actually stole it from the… diaryland diary of a friend of mine.

7. Sherlock or Moriarty?

moriarty. all the way. i love sherlock too but moriarty’s where my heart is.

8. Benedict Cumberbatch or Sherlock?

sherlock. im always going to be a character lover first, actor lover by extension

9. Pet peeve.

being called honey or sweetie by a stranger

10. Suits or casual?

GAH. why do you make me choose? i love fanciness but i think i have to say casual *gasp*, because you can show so much more character. i like a mix of the two as well. when i was dating my ex he wore a lot of arty graphic tees with a tie, really good jeans and nice shoes. oof. does it.

11. Do you run another blog? 

yeah i run… four blogs >.< my personal, my OC yourfavouritewalkingcorpse, my arty blog rapturediaries and my kickass women blog bitchesisrockstar. i dont work on the last two nearly enough!! too much reblogging, not enough digging around for original content. 

my questions… ahh 2nd chance, special ALL FOOD EDITION MWAHAHA:

1. if you were in a giant foodcourt with every kind of fast food restuarant [not just the big ones, all the little, less popular ones too] what would you pick?

2. can you eat a whole pizza by yourself?

3. speaking of, what do you like on your pizza?

4. favorite expensive or fancy food

5. favorite kind of cake or pie

6. whats your cooking specialty?

7. whats your comfort food?

8. whats the best thing to eat when youre drunk/high? whats the best hangover food?

9. would you rather be cooked for or have someone cook for you?

10. do you keep a well-stocked fridge or is it usually empty?

11. any food you like to involve in your sex life?

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ooooh i never get tagged for anything! i feel so special. 

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1. List five things you like to do the most.

sleep, masturbate, watch my favorite shows, be on tumblr, be dorky with my friends

2. Do you have any phobias? If not, what is your greatest fear? (Stealing this question nbd)

im really afraid of fish. i can hardly stand to look at them. my idea of a nightmare is a freaking koi pond. omgggg i had an ex who just thought this was HILARIOUS and would email me pictures of those freakishly giant catfish and he actually tricked me into going to a koi pond once and HELD ME THERE while people fed them… im pretty sure thats considered torture. he also tricked me into walking into a tiny enclosed aquarium of jellyfish which is LITERALLY LIKE A NIGHTMARE FOR ME, 95% of my nightmares are about aquariums. 

its also an unfortunate coincidence that i live the in the “land of 10,000 lakes.”

3. Tumblr pet peeves?

ohhhh motherballs. um. when people pretend theyre too cool and constantly make bitchy little comments and are really ungrateful of the zillion followers who hang on their every word for some reason. blogs that automatically play music! harry potter. how a joke can get old in like a day. people being super butthurt and sensitive about everything— like ive been queer my whole life, out for over a decade and had all manner of weird queer sex & relationships and now suddenly i feel like i have to watch everything i say lest people think im homo/transpobic. 

4. Who do you look up to?

ummm oh tough one. my lady because shes super strong. jim moriarty for obvious reasons. a bunch of favorite writers: caitlin r. kiernan, louise erdrich, stephen king, neil gaiman. joss whedon… OMG how do you quality. funny women: carrie fisher, tina fey, margaret cho. amazing RP writers.

5. If you could live in any fictional universe, what would it be? (Stealing this one too)

oh god. i feel like i should say the sherlock universe because its so populated with hot people. but i also feel like i should say the buffy/angelverse because of loyalty, that is my original SHIT. but id probably be killed by a demon like day one. but at least id live in world where everyone is really witty. 

6. Do you have any special talents? [Alt. Which talent would you like to have?]

god i feel like i dont. i have some talents in the sack i guess. im the reigning champion at fitting the biggest piece of sushi in your mouth. OHHHH yeah my #1 talent is probably remembering what actor is in any particular movie or show. name a movie and i can probably tell you whos in it whether or not ive seen it. im really good at remembering all the shows character actors are in— you know, you see a guy who has two lines in criminal minds and i can tell you what episode of buffy hes in. this is particularly handy because i have old parents who cant remember SHIT, so its basically my responsibility to remember every movie theyve ever seen. 

7. What kind of music do you like?

umm lots of kinds. mostly non-current music. rock, industrial, indie-ish stuff whatever that means, some girly pop music. favorite bands include: KMFDM, nine inch nails, AFI, placebo, garbage, electric six, hole, lady gaga, marilyn manson, MSI, apocalyptica… lots of little random things. if you have spotify you should follow meeeeee [jesika lin, look me up], i have tons of sherlock-related playlists.

8. What is your most treasured possession?

my deer skull, alfred [and yes i do talk to him].  the cane painted with a tiger that unfolds into a pool cue that my dad got from korea when he was in the service [I KNOW rite??], my moms senior picture, the signed & lettered special edition of poppy z brite and caitlin r. kiernan’s “wrong things” that my lady got me for our first birthdays together. my sherlock dvd and my copy of hound of the d’urbervilles, which are not by any means rare or irreplaceable, i just love them a lot and literally cuddle them sometimes for comfort. 

9. Draw your favorite animal.

10. What is your opinion of me? (Also stealing this one shhh)

i dont know you that well! im sorry :(

11. Who is your favorite fictional character and what do you like and hate about them?

oh god thats like the hardest question EVER to answer. i feel like i should say someone from the whedonverse because thats like my original jam but i cant pinpoint an individual person i love the most. really there are just too many awesome people in my life to choose. lets just make a list, shall we? ill try to narrow it down as best i can: wesley wyndam-price [angel], dr spencer reid [criminal minds], topher brink [dollhouse], ben linus [lost], muraki [yami no matsuei], gojyo [saiyuki], and of course jim moriarty, sebastian moran, sherlock holmes & mycroft holmes [god it feels so wrong not to include john… but i just wouldnt count him as an absolute favorite character. too good. need morally gray.] [i feel like its too soon to call moriarty my favorite character of all time. but i want to. its reached religious proportions in my life.]

i feel weird not having favorite characters from books being like a GIGANTIC reader my entire life. but im just poring over my bookshelves and i cant find a book where theres a character absolutely integral to my being, like i feel like i get attached to the book overall moreso than a single character. 

none of that answered the question at all, really.

my questions:

1. favorite movie when you were a kid

2. favorite guilty pleasure food [ie fast food, really fattening desserts, junk food]

3. political beliefs?

4. right brained or left brained?

5. would you ever want to get married?

6. have you ever been arrested?

7. favorite book, and why its your favorite

8. do you get along well with your parents?

8. what did you want to be when you were a kid?

9. best pet youve ever had

10. alcoholic beverage of choice [if applicable]

11. if you like art [and i dont know why you wouldnt], whos your favorite artist? favorite piece of art?

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totally want to tag more.. i love you guys and i want to know more about you!


re: last nights epic last-minute blowjob tale… its not posted anywhere yet ;) 

its… part of something which technically i shouldnt be writing…where you have two characters that youre not even sure you want to hook up, but you cant help thinking “well, IF they did, how could we make this work?”

and of course it becomes a much bigger ordeal than it should be for something thats all “hypothetical,” and you should be spending time writing things that you “know” happened, headcanonically speaking, but… here we are. 

because when the blowjob muses call, we listen. 

[ugh and i get impatient and write things out of order… my process is all fucked up. i tried to start out at the beginning, but that was taking too long, so i started shorthanding just actions and events to sort of outline things… so now i have a beginning of a story, an outline, and then an elaborate sex scene which may or may not even take place the day of the previously stated events because it occurs to me that one character might be too badly injured to have sex. UGH.

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED WITH THE MYSTRADE FIC.  beginning, outline, end. except with that its the {second scene of} sex i havent written yet. damn you DISORDERED, LAZY BRAIN!]

so… should i wait and post everything when its finished or would you like [sexy] bits and pieces?