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I want to be the reasons why you look down at your phone, smile and then walk into a pole.

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it just occurred to me

the reason men think that “fake geek girls” and whatnot are a real thing

the reason they think there’s some scourge of women who pretend to be interested in things just to trick men who like these things into sleeping with them

is that this is what they do

every man who sees interest in something as a tricksy, ulterior-motive-having seduction strategy is a lying sexual predator or at least sees such behavior as normal

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re: last nights epic last-minute blowjob tale… its not posted anywhere yet ;) 

its… part of something which technically i shouldnt be writing…where you have two characters that youre not even sure you want to hook up, but you cant help thinking “well, IF they did, how could we make this work?”

and of course it becomes a much bigger ordeal than it should be for something thats all “hypothetical,” and you should be spending time writing things that you “know” happened, headcanonically speaking, but… here we are. 

because when the blowjob muses call, we listen. 

[ugh and i get impatient and write things out of order… my process is all fucked up. i tried to start out at the beginning, but that was taking too long, so i started shorthanding just actions and events to sort of outline things… so now i have a beginning of a story, an outline, and then an elaborate sex scene which may or may not even take place the day of the previously stated events because it occurs to me that one character might be too badly injured to have sex. UGH.

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED WITH THE MYSTRADE FIC.  beginning, outline, end. except with that its the {second scene of} sex i havent written yet. damn you DISORDERED, LAZY BRAIN!]

so… should i wait and post everything when its finished or would you like [sexy] bits and pieces?


gurl, your ri-goddamned-diculous blush in this movie drives me insane.