so for the sake of sudden nostalgia, i thought id give an ode to the ex known as “Anime Becky.” that would be Anime Becky on the left and me in the middle, circa 2003 or 2004. i think we’re both 20. notice how Anime Jesi is a huge dork with an evanescence tee shirt and an underworld poster and does not wear any makeup.

oh Anime Becky. occasionally considered a blight on my life as you were painfully dorky and were kind of the reason m’lady and i broke up the first time. sex life leaving a lot to be desired. a tendency to talk about pot too much. but you introduced me to so many life ruining, lifechanging things. i had absolutely no concept of “fandom” or “fanfiction” before i met this girl. NONE. i had been kind of writing it since forever but i didnt know it was a thing. life was so weird before tumblr you guys, you dont even know. 

so shes the reason why my favorite anime are saiyuki and yami when like, most people havent heard of them. they were her favorites. no idea how she got into them. she had bootleg yami TAPES she had gotten somewhere. we didnt date for very long but our friendship was such a hugely productive time in my writing. i had never really had anybody who was like WRITE MORE WRITE MORE SEND IT TO ME. and it was great because we were always into different pairings and had different styles. we divided everything up pretty evenly; with saiyuki she was sanzo/goku, i was gojyo/hakkai. in yami she was tsuzuki/hisoka and i was either tatsumi/watari or muraki/everyone lol. muraki/oriya was my original mormor uuuuuuuugh it hurts. she always liked the most obvious pairing, the central one, i always liked something on the edges and a bit darker. she was a lot fluffier than me too so i was always trying to freak her out by writing the most fucked up things possible. we would challenge each other, like, you cant make this pairing work, there isnt enough info on this character to write about [a challenge which i continue to this day, i love my peripheral characters]. it was fun. 

since ive started watching sherlock ive missed her a lot. she would love it SO HARD. i really hope wherever she is that shes found it. oh my god, she would be a johnlock girl so hard. she would fucking LOVE john, i can just feel it. i can imagine the fic she’d write. i mean, when you have a writing partner, you know them that intimately, right? i know how she’d react to things. i know how hardcore she would make fun of me for my moriarty love. it would be great. 

i have absolutely no contact information for her, and the last time i saw, her, which was probably 2006, she was living in north dakota and had only come here for a visit. we dont have any mutual friends so i have no idea where to start. i cant even find her on facebook. so if you have seen the above girl, let me know? becky a. from dickinson, north dakota. tell her jesi says she better be watching sherlock, and im sorry i ever doubted her about dr who. you so called that one.