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One day I will stop reblogging the grumpy cat.

Today is not that day.

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[[ooc: so ive probably mentioned that im like, completely obsessed with my sherlock playlists. i have…5 of them, and the largest, jarvis’s obviously, is 278 tracks. yeah. problem. i make cds for the car, i have a… disturbingly large document on my computer in which i was trying to document why all those songs are sherlock-relevant with the appropriate lyrics and analysis and everything. WHY? i dont know. im insane. and for a while i was attempting to put them up on my personal but obviously no one gives a shit.

but idk, im so obsessed with this stuff. i just want to talk about music and why its amazing and my feels. so ive been playing with the idea of making a blog just to talk about sherlock songs. is that… a horrible idea? probably nobody would care. i know im mostly interested in only my music and not really anybody elses so i can understand why no one cares. idk. WHY DO I WANT TO START SO MANY SIDE BLOGS? this one and the braithwaite organization one, whyyyy do i feel like i need tumblr to take up even MORE of my time?? idk. when i get into something, i want to go all the way, and i let it steal my soul. 

yeah thats all. music-y things. let me know if youre interested.]]

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What am I doing with my life?


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GET YOUR SKIRT ON, ALFRED-: equiuszahhak: okay you know what always makes me laugh every timeyou...


okay you know what always makes me laugh every time

you know you get those characters that people just starting writing or something and they’re like 12 and don’t know what cliches are so they make this really evil character and they put all these likes and dislikes and the…

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Ladies is pimps too.


Ladies is pimps too.

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