random writing thoughts please ignore me thinking out loud… 

(ok… im puttering around the kitchen making a sandwich thinking about my oc jarvis when it occurred to me that he has absolutely no cute fluffy scenes.

this is weird to me because despite the way he comes across i actually dont think of him as a hugely depressing character. sure theres angst and stuff and the subject matter is pretty dark. but he had a pretty good sense of humor, especially compared to the other characters i write [you should see my vampire/angel/demon stuff, oh my god if you think this is bad you should see the ringers i put those people through]… none of it has come out on tumblr AT ALL so far mostly because i am a crap/lazy writer plus i love angst too much. but he is, at least in his day-to-day life, not a depressed person at all. he mostly has a lot of humor about his situation. also he loves giving people shit about things and making people uncomfortable. he really is a little shit and he never lets anyone get the best of him.

im considering giving him a sober, platonic best friend… i feel like he should have someone around to check in from time to time and make sure he doesnt die [who may or may not look like topher brink…]. also for cute/humorous potential situations. but i dunno, maybe its too cliche to have a straight man…)