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i got my tax return and that typically means one thing: SHOES. 

i try to fight it but typically every year i buy about six pairs of shoes. its just my nature. i have a problem. 

unfortunately ive really been jonesing for new boots because im still madly, madly in love with my stompy, buckley bikerpirate boots:

i would say these are for when im in a jarvis mood but really, i wear them about 50% of the time. they are wonderfully stompy. they buckles jangle when you walk. and i want more of them… but unfortunately boot season is behind us. so im out scouring clearance racks.

not much luck on the boot front but i did find these TOTALLY SEXY WEDGES:

i want to sex them.

then these weird little wedge things. i like shooties and the like. 

then! huzzah! id just been telling myself “i need boots of other colors. all my boots are black, and i LOVE black, but i also need more color. at the very least, white boots.” and what do i find at rue21? WHITE BOOTS. for $16.

i feel like these would be good for cosplaying… something. if i did such things. 

and also at rue21… more polka dots.

two years ago i promised myself “you HAVE to stop buying slingback wedges, especially espadrilles! you have a zillion of them!” and normally i would restrain myself. but they were $8! and comfy! and classy!

and i got some awesome spiky and badass jewelery as well. 

for some reason this bracelet photographs really well.

the end <3

hmmm do i wear the appropriate shoes for today?

hmmm do i wear the appropriate shoes for today?


fun jesi fact: i always put heels and perfume on before i take pictures for you guys, even though you cant tell. i just have to get in the mood. 

like these bad boys:

[my go-to semi-dressy semi-badass wedge. olsenboye.]

Photo Set


these are shoes i bought with my xmas money. theyre all from target and the most expensive pair was $17. amazing!! 

the leopard shoes are blowing my fucking mind!!! theyre like, what ive always wanted. probably going to be my new years eve shoe. the boots are greaaaaaaaaat. the wedge is perfectly comfortable and the cuff is adjustable. the bow heels are super adorable and comfy, except they make my right big toe fall asleep. 

i need some fancy occasions people, so i can wear these bad boys. 

[target has some mad crazy sales going on right now. i got two of these shoes plus dr who 6.2, parks and recreation s.3, horrible bosses, dexter s.5,  and the hangover for $100. not fucking bad at all.]