watching the big game/revelations for the first time in… at least six months. it used to be my be all and end all, this was my shit right here. i still love it. its still amazing. 

i mean jesus christ CM look what you did… you took my favorite character, the prettiest guy on [american] tv, and you kidnapped him, tortured him, and doped him up on drugstore heroin and turned him into a junkie. oh, and plus theres tragic backstory with jane lynch as his mom and amazing bespectacled baby-reid. just TUG ALL MY HEARTSTRINGS WHY DONT YOU.

i get this like, wait… did *I* write this episode?? feeling. tailor fucking made. 

ive written a lot of shit based on this episode. my spencer reid-based character [slightly AU] was my big deal for over a year. i feel like i want to write him again… but it kind of played out. it ran its course. i finally had to kill of his villain [sylar-based… i know. imagine the sexiness. having a hot bonnie-and-clyde murder spree with his boyfriend too], it was just time. theres only so many times you can re-kidnap somebody, and you can really only pull that almost-died-but-came-back-to-life card once. it sucks to close the door on a character. i miss him. but the shows played out for me too so its just time. au revoir, spencer.